Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is our preferred way to do business

In most areas, we can collect same day depending on availability and time of booking but if we cannot then it would be the next day. Please call us if you need any more information regarding this subject. Call on 01992236022

We will give you a receipt upon purchasing the vehicle and we can also email this to you at your preference

If this is the case, we can still purchase the vehicle but will need a form of ID. Driving license, passport, proof of address, bank statement, utility bill, etc

We are a family run…

Our driver will complete and leave Section 9 of the V5C (or section 4 on the new V5C/logbooks issued in April 2019) (yellow section) with you, which you will need to sign and send off to the DVLA. You will receive a confirmation letter from the DVLA to confirm they have updated their details and you are no longer responsible for the vehicle within 4 weeks

We always like your feedback so if you are unhappy with our valuation please call us on 01992236022 and we can discuss the valuation of your vehicle further

Yes, we buy vans! We will buy any vehicle, with or without MOT, non-runner, damaged, if you are still unsure please call us and we will be happy to help you

Our valuations are based upon UK Vehicle Data Ltd and we also cross-reference with Cap to make sure you get the best price, valuations generated are subject to vehicle inspection. We then judge your car on its condition

Pricing is based on details you provide and as long as these are accurate so are our prices!

We need your contact details so that we can forward you valuations and if we need to contact you

Yes we will buy any car, contact us for a price

Yes, we buy scrap cars. Please call to check the price, as they vary. If the car has just run out of mot and still runs, we can pay better than scrap so get in contact for a price

We can settle finance on the day of purchase and the remaining funds will be sent to you if the price we agree is less than the settlement figure you can settle that buy card payment with us

For example, a scuff on a bumper or key mark on a 12-year-old car is expected, however, anything more extensive will be deducted from our valuation

We mainly pay by instant bank transfer (BACS), if requested we can also pay by cheque

we cover most of southern england we are based in essex and as a general rule cover inside the m25 and 60 miles outside but if you have something rare or out of the ordinary we don’t mind traveling but please call as if we are not as busy we sometimes travel further