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Unlike our competitors we don’t just take our car to the local auction house. At auction there is no guarantee the price you are going to get. Some competitors sell at auction because it is easy, but we feel it is detrimental to the customer. This is because they tend to want to pay as little as possible when buying them in order of giving them the best chance of making a profit

Here at Let’s Buy Your Car we have many more ways we like to sell our cars to achieve the best price and in doing so are able to pay more than some of our competitors. We have cut out the middle man and auction houses with their fees and sell direct to our own network we have built upon over our years of trading This results in more money for your car.

We have outlets for any car, any age and condition. Some competitors will only buy specific types of car as they have a limited market to sell your vehicle. We can still offer you a competitive valuation because we do not just typing your reg and miles into a valuation database, we try to look at each vehicle’s individual assets and see it’s demand, condition, history, and specifications. This allows us more flexibility to pay you a much greater price.

So, if you would like a valuation try our quick and simple service.

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