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As a family-run business, we firmly believe a strong focus on the customer, providing fair and generous prices and making sure that we’re a pleasure to deal with, is crucial to our success. We can buy your car, guaranteeing you a great price and a quick easy process.

We started out back in 2016, and have grown steadily as a business from there. In the beginning, we focused on more traditional marketing and customer-minded business approaches.

These included advertising in the paper and in signage around town. Through our quality, fair service, word of mouth helped us tremendously along the way.

There’s only so far you can go with the more traditional approaches, however, and while we’re always going to keep the customer at the centre of our business approach, we’re looking to develop in other ways to continue our growth as a business and provide a better and stronger service for our customers.

We Care About our Clients and We Want to Buy Their Cars

We take notice when someone brings us a spectacularly well-kept example, and the prices we provide reflect that. It’s not about paying the minimum we can get away with, it’s about honest, fair appraisals of vehicles, and looking to provide a genuinely valuable and pleasant experience to our clients.

Unlike other car buying companies, we’re about more than just turning around a quick profit while knocking down the customer. Obviously, making a profit is important to us, but we believe that shouldn’t come at the expense of fair and generous prices for our clients.

Our focus on customer service and fair honest dealing is a huge part of our business approach. We started as a small, hardworking family business, and we intend to retain that authenticity and attitude even as we grow into a bigger organisation.

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Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

Really pleasant service I was honest about my car they gave a competitive price and managed to collect the same day and paid exactly what we was offered

Paul from Harlow

Very professional service managed to collect the same day and paid instantly into my bank

Rob from Kent